Dear Colleagues,

This symposium is designed for the physicians who wish to take the FIPP examination but can not find enough chance in his or her own clinical practice to get sufficient experience in interventional pain management. The programme of the symposium provides both theoretical and practical training for the participants.

The content of the symposium is mainly focusing on the interventional pain treatment procedures that can be the subjects of the FIPP examination.

The first day of the symposium is a full day theoretical training on 15 selected topics. The hands on cadaver workshop will be held on the second and third days of the symposium on fresh cadavers.

The selected faculty of the meeting are all academic and FIPP people who are highly experienced on interventional pain management and education.

We look forward to welcoming you all in Antalya, September 21-24, 2017.


Assoc. Prof. Mert Akbaş, MD, FIPP Prof. E. Alp Yentür, MD, FIPP Prof. Serdar Erdine, MD, FIPP
(WIP Turkish Section Chair)
Chairman Chairman